Shall we bike?

Have you ever considered biking to school, work, or any other place? Depending on where you reside in the US, biking lanes may be limited or inexistent. Why do you think that is? Are we interested in such option?

In London, England two segregated “crossrail for the bike” have been planned and approved for construction.

Biking lanes in London.jpg

Mayor Boris Johnson states:

" I now look forward to the transformation that these planned routes will bring-not just for people who cycle now, but the thousands of new cyclists they will attract. Getting more people on their bikes will reduce pressure on the road, bus and rail networks, cut pollution, and improve life for everyone, whether or not they cycle themselves."

Biking in London.jpg

Is biking something that we are interested in pursuing? Is it just a hobby for some or a means of transportation for others? Please share your thoughts!

Thank you for being a part of sustainable living!

Work Cited

London.GOV.UK: Mayor announces final building plans for “Crossrail for the Bike” with traffic delays along route cut by 60 percent over previous proposals. Available: Accessed: 28 January 2015.

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