Recycling Plastic without Water

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This week’s blog will focus on the recent news reported by the World Industrial Reporter. According to the World Industrial Reporter, AK Inovex through its founder, Marco Adame, has developed an innovative technology to recycle plastic without water. Investigación y Desarrollo reports that this technology can process more than 90% of any type of plastic including polystyrene, styrofoam, PET, and ABS.

According Marco Adame, this technology can produce pellets without extreme temperatures and lack of water, therefore using half of the energy used in existing recycling methods. When plastic comes on contact with the special walls can mold and cool the pellets.

Please note that AK Inovex has a pending patent registration for this technology. It is with great interest that we look forward to upcoming developments and applaud this innovative idea.

Thank you for being a part of sustainable living!

Work Cited

World Industrial Reporter: Technology to recycle all types of plastics without using water. Available: Accessed: 12 January 2015.

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