Hunger in America! How can I prevent hunger?

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How does hunger look like in America? Could you and I easily depict it? I am not sure! In our society it may be more and more difficult to identify it. I invite you to take a moment and watch the video below.

These statistics are daunting, but what will happen in 2050 when the predicted world population will reach 9 billion people? How can America have a hunger problem when 33 million tons of food reached US landfills in 2010?

What is my role in preventing hunger in America?

  • REDUCE MY FOOD WASTE Because I rarely plan my weekly meals, I often find myself buying more groceries, than I consume. The unconsumed food is simply discarded and replaced with new food. To improve my habit, I have decided to plan my meals, buy fewer groceries, and replenish my food stock when needed.

  • GIVE I want to be involved even in a small way. Please join me by visiting Feeding America and find potential ways to give and help alleviate hunger in America. Each contribution counts :).

  • TALK WITH MY FRIENDS Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with everything around us. In a world inundated with information, we can become detached and uninterested in what’s relevant to us and our society, therefore I have decided to talk with my friends about this issue and get them involved as well. Will you join us?

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