3 Methods for Composting Food Scraps

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Let's explore composting food scraps at home. If you're new at composting or you've never tried it, I invite you to review and try out the composting methods listed below. If you're an expert at composting please share your knowledge with us in the comments box. Please take a moment to review my previous blog post for food scraps that may be composted at home.

Three easy and reliable ways to compost food scraps at home are:

  • Bury food scraps in your garden or backyard

  • Purchase or build a “digester” bin

  • Purchase or build a worm bin

Bury Food Scraps

  • Find an area where you would like to bury your food scraps

  • Dig a hole or trench about a foot deep

  • Add your food scraps.Your food scraps should be chopped and mixed into the soil

  • Cover your food scraps with 8 inches of soil

  • Once the food scraps have decomposed (~1 to 6 months) you may plant your seeds


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Purchase or Build a “Digester” Bin

  • Find an area to place your “digester” bin

  • Dig a hole and partially bury your “digester” bin

  • Add your food scraps and cover the bin. To reduce flies please add a thin layer of mulch or shredded paper between each food scrap addition

  • When your “digester” bin gets full with food scraps bury it in the garden and begin with a new “digester” bin


Purchase or build a worm bin

  • Find an area to place your worm bin

  • Place the worm bin in the selected area

  • Fill the bin with bedding (moist autumn leaves, shredded cardbord or paper, straw, etc)

  • Add red worms into the bin

  • Then add your food scraps.The worms will process the food scraps

  • After ~6 to 12 months the bedding should look like dark rich soil


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I invite you to watch the video below.

Let's be part of sustainable living!

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