Compost Pedallers-Making A Difference in the Local Community

I came across a very inspiring movement, which incorporates the local community and its organic waste, and I thought it would be an impeccable blog post for this week. Since Foresight USA provides 100% compostable disposables, community composting is a great interest of ours, and, on a personal note, something that I have been involved in for years.


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East Side Compost Pedallers, is a “100% bike-powered compost recycling program in Austin, TX, that collects compostables from homes and businesses and pedals them directly to nearby urban farms and community gardens to grow more local food” (i.e. East Side Compost Pedallers, 2014). Please note the following figures, provided by East Side Compost Pedallers, which reference the true impact of this particular community moment.


© East Side Composting Pedallers


© East Side Composting Pedallers

According to East Side Composing Pedallers, “Americans generate 250 million tons of garbage every year. Over 30% of that trash is compostable. That means over one third of the garbage coming out of your house is actually not garbage at all, but a valuable resource that can be turned into fertilizer and used to grow more local food! This is what we call "scrapple." The Compost Pedallers are closing the loop by providing an organics collection service that makes it simple to start reducing your waste and enriching your community by composting!” (i.e. East Side Compost Pedallers, 2014).

In comparison to residential waste, which produces roughly 30% of compostable matter, commercial business operations, such as local restaurants, produce anywhere from 50%-80% of compostable matter, ideal for any composting system. According to Michael Freid, Co-Owner of East Side Pies, “we have been doing (food scrap) recycling the whole time, and we actually won a reward from the city…we get more customers because of it” (i.e. Will Pedal for Compost |East Side Compost Pedallers |Central Texas Gardener, 2014). So exciting to see local community members understanding the true importance of composting, which has obviously inspired an entire composting movement in Austin, TX.

According to East Side Composting Peddallers, “not only are we zero waste, we’re in the business of transforming organic ‘waste’ into resources. Negative waste, we think that’s what sustainability should look like. We are also completely cutting out our dependence on fossil fuels. All of our collections and deliveries are made by bicycle to keep your streets safe and quiet and your air clean and free of greenhouse gases. It also keeps our Pedallers healthy and happy!” (i.e. East Side Compost Pedallers, 2014).

Please note the following video visual, referencing this wonderful community movement. I hope that the information provided will excite and motivate you to start composting, and help alleviate our current global landfill/greenhouse gas issues.

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