What can you do with food scraps?

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Have you ever tried to compost food scraps at home? If you haven’t let’s take a few moments to read the benefits listed below:

• Easy and inexpensive way to grow a healthy and sustainable garden

• Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides

• Keeps food scraps out of landfills

If this idea is appealing to you, I encourage you to try it out and provide me your comments below. This week’s blog will focus on the food scraps that may be composted at home. The 12/2/2014 blog will focus on three easy and reliable composting methods.

Please see below for food scraps that may be composted:

Crate of Vegetables
Sourdough Loaf
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Meringue Kisses

Coffee Beans

Green Tea Leaves

Traditional Spices in Market

Please see below for food scraps that may not be composted:

Cold Meats
Silver Fish
Blue Cheese Crumbles

Work Cited:

“Backyard Composting It’s Only Natural.” EPA. n.d. Web Oct. 2009.

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