Costal Realignment: Steart Marshes Project

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As we continue our journey, I wanted to share with you information about the Steart Marshes Project. According to the press release this project is the largest costal realignment in the United Kingdom. The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) Chief Executive Martin Spray stated that “we need to be brave and bold if we are going to deal with the impacts of climate change. WWT Steart Marshes proves you can protect homes and business by using wetland technology that works with nature, not against it” (Biggest Costal Flood Management Scheme Completed, 2014).


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Steart Marshes new and improved flood banks were created by moving half a million cubic meters of soil. This project was well received and supported by the local community. Several of its residents participated in sweeping the land prior to the seawater floating in (Biggest Costal Flood Management Scheme Completed, 2014).


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Landscapes, paths, and trails have been designed for individuals; however Steart Marshes has been created as a habitat for intertidal and freshwater wildlife. According to the press release The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) intends to develop opportunities for young individuals to learn the conservation and heritage skills at Steart Marshes (Biggest Costal Flood Management Scheme Completed, 2014).

As I conclude my blog for this week, I encourage you to consider our future generations and reflect on different ways to get involved in your communities.

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