Why be part of sustainable living?

We’ve all heard, read, or seen commercials, movies, blogs, and articles on how to become a part of sustainable living. Such suggestions include and are not limited to: turning off the lights, turn off the water when you’re washing your hands, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, walk, bike, and use public transportation, etc. But why should we care? What makes this blog any different from so many others? Below you will find some reasons, however I encourage you to take a moment and answer these questions for yourself. I truly believe they will become important for you.

Health Preservation

Preserving our health should be one of our main priorities. It may involve daily exercising, eating organic food, and spending time in nature, etc. For me exercising on a regular basis provides the energy boost needed throughout the day. When buying and consuming organic food, you refrain from consuming food that’s composed of antibiotics and/or growth hormones, it’s often fresher, and you help conserve the environment. You may ask yourself why spend time in nature and not just go outside? I suggest it not only because it offers cleaner air, but it renews our perspective on what’s important for our generation and the next to come.

Environment Protection

As our planet is changing we need to help protect our environment by revaluating, reducing, reusing, and recycling our products. Replacing our consumption of petroleum based products with biodegradable products will not only help solve our landfill problems, but also alleviate other environmental issues.

By making a conscious decision to protect our environment, getting involved in our communities, and supporting this cause, we improve our chances to live in a world free of pollutants and hazardous substances.

Thank you for being part of a sustainable living :)

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