Years of Experience


Founded in 2010, Foresight USA’s mission is to provide a more environmentally friendly way to clean up after our dogs. We do this through our family of brands: The Original Poop Bags, Pet N Pet, and Natural Pet Partners. Our team has developed a method that reduces the amount of petroleum (oil) needed during the production of our dog waste bags by a minimum of 38% to as much as 98% (depending on the bag type). Less petroleum during production means less greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere, and we’re constantly working to find new, innovative approaches to help protect our fragile ecosystem.


We aim to inspire communities and pet owners to be part of a sustainable lifestyle, and this concept is catching on. Today, our eco-conscious dog waste brands are available at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, and Petco. Even the entire Peanuts gang has joined our movement! You’ll find Snoopy and Charlie Brown printed on many of our bags as part of an exclusive partnership.


Reshaping the Industry


Following the success of our retail dog waste bags for pet owners, we expanded our inventory to provide commercial operations with sustainable solutions to pet waste disposal. We’ve changed the commercial industry by developing an affordable alternative to traditional polyethylene dog poop bags that are just as sturdy and effective – only at a lower cost to the environment.


Now public city spaces, state parks, marinas, dog parks, HOAs, businesses, and other commercial operations are stocking our environmentally friendly, dog waste bags. Together, we’re helping to enact simple, common-sense solutions to help minimize plastic pollution.


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