Natural Partners TM is a line of premium bio-degradable and compostable plastic disposables manufactured by Foresight USA. The name Natural Partners TM is fitting because we partner with our customers to deliver disposable plastics made from natural resources, such as plant starches from corn (PLA), Sugar cane (bagasse), and other renewable plant sources. Natural Partners TM allows nature and business to partner together so both may flourish.


Natural Partners TM products are manufactured under strict guidelines and include:


  • Cutlery, forks, spoons, and knives, individually wrapped and bulk utensils

  • Customized molded products such as food & beverage containers, mugs and lids

  • Films, straws, trash can liners, and bags

  • Plates, bowls and cups for both hot and cold applications

  • Clamshells, boxes, deli containers, deli/bakery bags or takeout containers with separate lids

  • Trays, coffee stirrers, and other ancillary item



Natural Partners TM products are available to meet the highest quality requirements. Contact us for further details.


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